By-Suvrit Chopra

The nature of the physical world is limited. As impossible it is to grasp all of it and even understand even a speck of it, the world is limited. Within the boundaries of the limited our aspirations are limitless. We are all trying to accommodate our limitless aspirations under the boundaries of the limited. Now the only question is whose aspirations survive?

Courtesy of Gokul Krishna.

Just like every other life on the planet aspires to live. The sacred groves in Kerala are no different. Life manifests itself in incredible ways, and the Sacred Groves is probably one of the most beautiful…

Craving a getaway but restricted to being at home?

Have a creative block?
Bored of the old Netflix n chill drill?

We have got you covered with a gathering of like minded explorers, storytellers & inspiring mentors from different walks of life ready to enchant you — RIGHT at your seat while sipping your coffee.

This year we have lined up speakers who will leave you enthralled like:

Paras Loomba — Session: Impact & Sustainable Adventure
Jaytirth Ahya — Session: Fostering community & social collaborations
Aman Chotani — Session: Business of Travel Photography
Nidhi Salgame & Satty Malik — Session: Self-growth through extreme…

Successful Completion of the Fundraising Initiative, Uplifting the Livelihoods of Shikara Community Affected by Covid-19

The project started with an intention shared by two organizations Cherish Expeditions and Sustera Foundation with continuos support from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE) to help the Shikara Community of Alleppey, whose livelihoods were directly affected due to the Covid-19 crisis. According to the latest news, there are a couple of Covid positive cases in the region of Muhamma and the location is marked as a containment zone.

Tourism is a source of employment to around 23.5% of the total population…

-Campaign | Fundraiser | Donate | Impact Report| Alleppey | Kerala

This is how it started!

Cherish Expeditions | shikara community

Cherish Expeditions has been working with the Shikara Community for almost a year and our on-ground partners Sustera Foundation reached out to us to discuss the hardship faced by the Shikara community due to no inflow of tourism.

Cherish Expeditions

Cherish Expeditions is an Impact driven organization, focusing on creating Sustainable Journeys through Volunteer Programs and Community-based Tourism.

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